EVENT:S.A.N.E. Program discussion July 26

S.A.N.E stands for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

It’s a newly funded position at the hospital.

From: Mary Evans <mevans@co.jefferson.wa.us> 
Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2019 9:28 AM
Subject: 3rd Quarter CCR Friday the 26th at Noon


 Our next CCR (Coordinated Community Response) is happening next Friday the 26th of July from Noon to 1pm in the BOCC in the basement of the Courthouse.  Katie-Rose Fisher-Price from Jefferson Health Care will be here to present on their new SANE program.  Dove House will provide sandwiches, so please bring your own drinks.  Community members are welcome to come so spread the word if anyone is curious or has questions about the new SANE Program.

 Mary Evans, MSW

Crime Victim/ Witness Coordinator

Jefferson County Prosecutors Office

Desk: 360.385.9386

Work days are Monday 8-5; Tuesday 8-12 and Thursday 8-5

Sequim community members rally at city against addiction-treatment facility | Peninsula Daily News

It’s sad to see such opposition to a possible plan to bring a much needed treatment center for our addicted neighbors on the Olympic Peninsula. The MAT project was not well clarified in this article, which tended to simply focus on public reaction to the project at this meeting. The MAT project itself has been part of an overarching set of money that the Governor and legislature, along with the Congress at the end of the Obama administration, is distributing over a five year period to address opioid addiction. The project includes monies for a three county area, Kitsap, Jefferson and Clallam. This money, designed to put a central treatment facility on the Peninsula, is being looked at for Sequim because it is central to both sides of the Peninsula. It makes sense to put it in Sequim, and the Jamestown S’Klallam have offered up their expertise and land to make this possible.

It has nothing to do with the Trump Administration changing the hospital rules that will possibly force the Olympic Medical Center to close it’s facilities in Sequim. Representative Kilmer is working with other House and Senate members to see if they can reverse the ill advised rule from the Trump Administration, that has put our community clinics in Sequim in jeopardy. And while we all say we want to see treatment for the growing opioid and meth addicts that are in our communities, what are you willing to actually support rather than just say no to?

Read the whole story at the PDN:

Staff: Proposal not yet before council, planning commission
— Read on www.peninsuladailynews.com/news/sequim-community-members-rally-at-city-against-addiction-treatment-facility/

Supplements and diets for heart health show limited proof of benefit. NY Times

It’s always interesting to see that many of the supposed benefits of these supplements are once again debunked by scientific study.


“People who are taking these supplements for the sake of improving their cardiovascular health are wasting their money,” said Dr. Safi U. Khan, an assistant professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine and the lead author of the new study.

Drug prices in 2019 are surging, with hikes at 5 times inflation – CBS News

It’s interesting timing that Jefferson Healthcare is going into the pharmacy business, just as drug prices are surging. Draw your own conclusions.

So far in 2019, more than 3,400 drugs have boosted their prices, a 17% increase compared with the roughly 2,900 drug price increases at the same time in 2018, according to a new analysis by Rx Savings Solutions, a consultant to health plans and employers.


Don’t Tell Me When I’m Going to Die – NY Times

Having watched as a number of loved ones have had to make this decision as to hearing a prognosis, this article does a good job of covering issues faced by terminally ill patients. While I accept the author’s idea that “maybe it’s better not to know” my experience has shown that there is a downside to that, which is denial. My late wife was in denial of her death to the detriment of focusing on quality time with her loved ones. It was not good for our son. It also put me, as the caregiver, in the position of not ‘supporting’ her possible recovery. It would have been much better for all of us if she had been more willing to accept that it was unlikely that she would recover, and focus on healing along with preparing to end her life with dignity.

Prognoses are more of an art than a science. Maybe it’s better not to know.

Trump order to force hospitals to reveal information behind negotiated rates – Healthcare Dive

So as the article states, this is yet another federal idea that will help large hospitals and insurance companies, and likely to hurt smaller more expensive hospitals. (like Jefferson Healthcare). However, in general pricing transparency is a good thing.

“In our view, the pricing transparency is likely to result in contract rates converging to the mean while the largest hospitals with local market power will see less impact,” they wrote.


UnitedHealth’s acquisition of DaVita physician group gets FTC approval -Healthcare Dive

Why should this concern us? Well because DaVita is/was the sole provider of dialysis on the west side of the Sound. This puts all our kidney healthcare from a Doctor owned corporation to the largest payer of insurance claims in the world. What could be a downside? Well, remember that the main problem today for patients is getting payers to agree to pay. This drives a huge growing segment of the market, diabetes and the related kidney failure that accompanies it in it’s final stages, into the hands of the people deciding who pays. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve heard of medical providers having to fight over procedures, some life threatening, with mid level clerks on a phone line somewhere, who simply follow guidelines and won’t pay for certain procedures, despite the medical providers insistence. And there is no appeal process.

Do you want some minimal wage desk jockey with no medical training telling you that you can’t have a life saving procedure that your doctor insists is needed? That’s what this merger moves us even closer to. You can bet your bottom dollar that Senator Mitch McConnell will never have to face that kind of choice. We need single payer and it needs to be managed by the government. We cannot continue to rely on for profit businesses to determine what they will pay for when it comes to our health. That used to be and should be your doctors choice.

Read the whole story here: