Election 2016

What can be said? While we lost the battle at the top, we still elected many great officials who will continue to fight for health care that supports us, not just the healthcare industry.

Who won and why it’s a good thing:

Governor: Jay Inslee

Governor Inslee has been fighting for, and delivering, funding for health care, including a new federal fund of $1.5 Billion a few weeks ago as reported on in this blog.

Washington Senator: Patty Murray

Patty Murray has been the champion of improved VA services, especially in rural counties like ours.

Washington Representative: Derek Kilmer

Derek Kilmer has fought for and shown a deep understanding of the issues of health care for his constituents. Well worth returning to office.

Jefferson County Commissioner: Kate Dean

Ms. Dean has been a community champion for most of her working life. She supports improved health care access for all citizens.