Trump administration ends Navigator funding for September. Layoffs happen across the country

The continued attack on our healthcare system.

The Trump administration has let funding for Obamacare’s $63 million in-person outreach program lapse, leading to layoffs and confusion among nonprofits that enroll vulnerable populations in coverage.

“I have delivered 10 layoff notices to staff members,” says Donna Friedsam, director of Covering Wisconsin. “We don’t have a funding flow anymore.”


Medicaid is for everyone – New York Times

The war on the poor in America continues. As the Republicans work in secrecy to come up with a healthcare bill to serve someone other than the average American,  The New York Times ponders the destruction of Medicaid, high on the Republicans list. If ever there was a rich vs. poor issue, this is it. If this gets implemented as the Republicans and Trump want, it will have disastrous consequences for Jefferson and Clallam Counties. Both of them have high levels of both Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries and our hospitals budgets are based on those reimbursals being available. It is the calm before the storm here.

First to lose Obamacare? The sickest county in the state – Seattle Times

The Seattle Times has a good article about the outcome of the Republican led move to sow uncertainty and doubt about Obamacare’s future. Gray’s Harbor joins the growing ranks of county’s without healthcare insurance for over 2200 of it’s residents. And if the Republicans in Washington get their way, there will be over 7000 more joining them soon. Oddly, out of all this, we may end up getting single payer, due to the Republicans apparently hell bent on committing political suicide by alienating their base of white rural lower to middle class voters. 47 counties nationwide now don’t have health insurance companies serving them, most of the counties voted Republican. Read it and weep. Because counties like ours, which are largely using Medicare and Medicaid to supply us with health coverage are next up on the Republicans chopping block.

Obamacare is starting to crack, starting in our state’s sickest spot, Grays Harbor County. But the plan isn’t to fix it. It’s to make it dramatically worse.

Cantwell to meet with Kitsap health care providers and Medicaid patients – Kitsap Daily News

The sad but true news behind this is that 40% of Kitsap voters went for Trump in the last election. Also, as the article goes on to state, 20,000 people in Kitsap county are on Medicaid. An additional 24,000 are covered on both Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Many if not most are likely to lose their coverage under the proposed, “TrumpCare”, also known as Paul Ryan’s plan. This is the Republican’s “plan”. To give poor people “tax credits” that do them no good (due to their status as eligible for Medicaid, many don’t make enough to pay federal income taxes folks, and  if they do work, use EZ1040 forms that don’t itemize). Then throw them off the federal government and put the load on the State to fund. Reminds me of an old song, “Take a load of Fanny, and you put the load right on me.”

BREMERTON – U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) will meet with Kitsap-area health care providers, elected officials, tribal health leaders, and Medicaid patients on March 11.

The meeting will begin at 12:30 p.m., at the Harrison Medical Center first floor auditorium, 2520 Cherry Ave., Bremerton. Residents wishing to attend should RSVP to Bryan Watt at or 202-224-8277.

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Press release: Washington State Medical Association President’s Statement on the American Health Care Act – State of Reform

The medical community has been hard hit with Obamacare, in that while it vastly expanded access for citizens, it has not helped the healthcare professionals that are needed to implement it. Doctors loads are increasing exponentially, charges paid to them are shrinking (mainly due to the Republicans in Congress over the last few years), patients in Jefferson County can routinely wait six months to see their primary care physician and the switch to electronic records has been a disaster, despite the glowing PR from hospital administrators and software vendors. So I get it when they say, “replace rather than repeal.” But they do not support the AHCA as currently drafted.

“On Tuesday, March 6, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to ‘repeal and replace’ the Affordable Care Act was released. While we recognize that the ACA has flaws that must be addressed and we are encouraged to see that the bill recognizes the need for replacement rather than simply repeal, the WSMA does not support the AHCA as currently drafted.

“At the heart of the WSMA’s Principles of Health Care Reform is access to affordable health care for all Washingtonians. While the Congressional Budget Office analysis has yet to be released, as currently written, the AHCA puts our state’s Medicaid program at risk, reducing access to coverage for thousands of our most vulnerable patients. The act also shifts much of the Medicaid funding obligation onto Washington state. Sufficient funding of our state’s health care program is imperative to avoid damaging ripple effects throughout the entire health care system. Our state is already facing budgetary challenges, and is simply not able to fill the funding gap that would result from the policies proposed in this act.

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Who uses Obamacare in WA? People from Trump country -KUOW

So there is a disconnect between the people in this state that voted for Donald Trump, and the fact that they are likely to be the ones to pay the highest cost for his, and their federal Congresspeople, repealing Obamacare. Are they just uninformed? Believing in the promises of the Republicans that they will “fix” Obamacare by undoing it? Or are they just, well, how should I say it? Dumb? I don’t think of most of them that way. But I have heard some Trump voters say things that are so uniformed and against their own self interests, that my first reaction is  “Stupid is as stupid does.”  But it’s really hard to know. I’ve also talked to some Trump  supporters that were so uninformed, that they were stunned by me asking how much they were willing to pay for health insurance when the Republicans roll back Obamacare? They did not even understand that it would cost them more. Not a clue. Their answer was, “I don’t believe they’ll do that to me.” Really. The backlash against the R’s is liable to be swift and furious when that day comes

As Congress looks at changes to the Affordable Care Act, the creators of Washington’s health insurance exchange are advocating for the state’s current system – with maps.

Those maps show where the exchange has had the greatest rate of participation in the state: Trump country.

Dismantling of state’s health reforms in 1993 may offer lessons for Obamacare repeal – Seattle Times

Here’s a good short overview of how the Republicans worked to gut Washington State’s attempt at providing a similar program to the ACA. What to look forward to from Trump and the R’s in Congress.

“I worked on reform in the ’90s; it took two years to pass, two years to implement and 20 minutes to repeal by Republicans. They kept the parts they liked, took out the parts they didn’t, which caused collapse,” MacEwan said.