Basis for six-month intervals for dental visits explored – Consumer Health News

Notice that it says that some patients clearly need more frequent visits.

Grant Ritchey, DDS examined the historic and scientific literature for recommending dental examination and prophylaxis literature every six months and noted that:

  • Insurance companies began to cover dental services in the 1970s and soon learned that covering preventive care lowered their costs.
  • It isn’t clear why they began paying for two cleanings per year, but the coverage interval may have been influenced by an advertising campaign for Pepsodent toothpaste.
  • Scientific evidence is lacking to support recommendations for dental visits every six-months.
  • Some patients clearly need more frequent visits; others can manage with less frequent visits.
  • Biological plausibility and common sense are his rationales for recommending six-month recall visits for most of his patients.

[Ritchey, G. The Six Month Dental Recall—Science or Legend? Science-Based Medicine. Feb 23, 2018]

You and your dentist may have a bone to pick with Delta Dental -Seattle Times

Ah yes, while the rank and file of Delta Dental vote for massive changes to benefit them and their clients, the CEO and Board, all being paid far more than anyone should be for their ‘service’ decline to adopt the changes.  This organization is deemed a Social Welfare Organization for tax purposes. Their income was approx. $1.3M last year.

As the head of Delta Dental, CEO Jim Dwyer’s salary has more than doubled to $2.75 million. The board of directors are paid more than $100,000 for part-time service. Where’s the customer focus?

Smilemobile in Chimicum July 24-28

The SmileMobile is in Chimacum next week – July 24 through July 28 at the Tri-Area Community Center.  The dentists will provide care to babies up through high school age, pregnant/post-partum women and family members (capacity allows) of the children we see on the SmileMobile.  There will be multiple dentists working with us and we have lots of openings left on Tuesday.

Please print and send electronically to all of your friends, community partners, churches and other organizations.

We rely on the community to get the word out about our coming and encourage families to schedule!  Our expertise is providing the dentistry.

Our next stops will be in Forks – July 31 through August 11 and Sequim – August 14 – 23.

Warm regards,

Karri Amundson

Senior Program Officer-Arcora – The Foundation of Delta Dental of Washington

  1. (206) 528.7339; c. (206) 276.1620

POINT OF VIEW: The Peninsula’s dental health emergency – PDN

By Dr. Michael Maxwell
ACROSS THE STATE and in the North Olympic Peninsula, low-income people are facing an oral health crisis.
Simply put, there are not enough clinics and providers to serve them.
In Clallam County, only 22 percent of adults on Medicaid and just 41 percent of children on Medicaid received dental care in 2015.
In the same year in Jefferson County, only 12.7 percent of adults on Medicaid and just 37 percent of children on Medicaid received dental care.
This is not a cosmetic luxury but a serious health concern that is taking a huge toll on our communities.
Many health care advocates are urging our state Legislature to address this crisis.
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Dr. Michael Maxwell is a family physician and CEO of the North Olympic Healthcare Network, a ­federally qualified community health center in Port Angeles.
He lives in Port Angeles.