49 measles cases now confirmed as local legislators hope to tighten exemption laws – The Reflector

This from the Clark County newspaper, The Reflector.

Clark County Public Health’s latest update on the measles outbreak today has a total of 49 confirmed cases, with nine more suspected.

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Australia could become first country to eradicate cervical cancer – Guardian

More on the vaccination world. The Guardian has a story on how Australia is on it’s way to becoming the first country to eradicate cervical cancer, one of the leading outcomes of Human Papillomavirus or HPV.  The article states that 99.9% of cervical cancers are caused by HPV. Other cancers, such as anal cancer, are also caused by HPV. My late wife died of anal cancer likely caused by HPV in 2005. It is not an easy death.

But in Australia, the government started a program to allow all teens under the age of 19 to access two free doses of the vaccine for free. As a result, “the HPV rate among women aged 18-24 dropped from 22.7% to 1.1% between 2005 and 2015”

Having witnessed an HPV created death first hand, I cannot stress enough that parents ought to set aside their fears of vaccinations and get your teen vaccinated! Teens, you don’t need parental approval. Just go to Public Health or see your physician or other provider and get it done. Even if you believe that by practicing safe sex or maintaining only one partner that you can’t get infected, this is not accurate. If your partner has had oral sex with just one person who has HPV, or had oral sex done to them, they could be infected. This long term study proves once and for all that you can give yourself a much greater opportunity to live HPV free. Your life is on the line.



Pro -Vaccine Physician still attacked by critics even as measles outbreaks spread – Guardian

While this is world news, given that Port Townsend has played such a larger than life role in the anti-vaccine skeptic crowd, with such validation of the inaccurate claims coming from the local Townsend Newsletter over the years, and the low vaccination rate in the county, I thought I would include this.

In today’s Guardian they include a story about “Trapped in a hoax: survivors of conspiracy theories speak out”, including an update on Dr. Paul Offit, who has been one of the leaders on speaking out against anti-vaccine skeptics. He took on the now discredited British gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield and setup the Vaccine Education Center. Read the whole sordid tale of those that attacked him, at


Closer to home, a measles outbreak in southwest Washington Clark County, another hotbed of anti-vaccine skeptics and the county with the lowest rate of vaccinations in the state,  has now been confirmed to have moved to South Seattle.




A King County resident contracted measles after traveling to Clark County, where an outbreak has spread to at least 23 people, public-health officials said Wednesday.

Portland is also at high risk, due to low vaccination rates.

As the Times article points out, “you can get it just by being in a room where a person with measles has been.”

Many, including this blog, have been warning that we are likely to pay the price for this hoax having been spread around the world. No other vaccine-preventable disease causes as many deaths. (according to the Cochrane database of Systematic Reviews August 2013)

If you want to educate yourself to measles, start here.


The Insulin Wars – NY Times

More on the national crisis over insulin. Superb article with background on the problem. A good idea is to contact your Federal legislators and request Congressional hearings on this.

Between 2002 and 2013, prices tripled for some insulins. Many cost around $300 a vial, without any viable generic alternative. Most patients use two or three vials a month, but others need the equivalent of four. Self-rationing has become common as patients struggle to keep up. In the short term, fluctuating blood sugar levels can lead to confusion, dehydration, coma, even death. In the long term, poorly controlled diabetes is associated with heart attacks, strokes, blindness, amputation and the need for dialysis.

The Insulin Wars

Insulin prices skyrocketing -Washington Post

The Washington Post has an interesting article on the issues of skyrocketing insulin prices. If you are a Jefferson or Clallam County resident and having a hard time affording your insulin, I would like to know. Would like to look at the scope of the problem here in on the Peninsula.  Contact me at Al_inPT@outlook.com


In states, Democrats start delivering on health care pledges – Chicago Sun Times

The outcome of the Blue Wave of November is starting to be felt. The article, while from Chicago, opens with Washington State and California as examples. In case you haven’t been following, newly elected Governor Gavin Newsome is off to an incredible start. He ran on healthcare as a major issue, and is already starting to deliver.


2019 WA State of Reform Conference Speaker Presentations now available

On Thursday the 2019 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference was held, with what was billed as the most diverse convenings of health care executives and health policy leaders in the state.  If you have a special interest in some area of healthcare, you’ll likely find it listed here.

Here are some of the presentation materials from the speakers at the event.