Sequim community members rally at city against addiction-treatment facility | Peninsula Daily News

It’s sad to see such opposition to a possible plan to bring a much needed treatment center for our addicted neighbors on the Olympic Peninsula. The MAT project was not well clarified in this article, which tended to simply focus on public reaction to the project at this meeting. The MAT project itself has been part of an overarching set of money that the Governor and legislature, along with the Congress at the end of the Obama administration, is distributing over a five year period to address opioid addiction. The project includes monies for a three county area, Kitsap, Jefferson and Clallam. This money, designed to put a central treatment facility on the Peninsula, is being looked at for Sequim because it is central to both sides of the Peninsula. It makes sense to put it in Sequim, and the Jamestown S’Klallam have offered up their expertise and land to make this possible.

It has nothing to do with the Trump Administration changing the hospital rules that will possibly force the Olympic Medical Center to close it’s facilities in Sequim. Representative Kilmer is working with other House and Senate members to see if they can reverse the ill advised rule from the Trump Administration, that has put our community clinics in Sequim in jeopardy. And while we all say we want to see treatment for the growing opioid and meth addicts that are in our communities, what are you willing to actually support rather than just say no to?

Read the whole story at the PDN:

Staff: Proposal not yet before council, planning commission
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2 thoughts on “Sequim community members rally at city against addiction-treatment facility | Peninsula Daily News

  1. Yes it’s so sad that the working, law abiding, tax paying citizens don’t want to live with addicts, tweekers, trash, crime, feces and urine. It may be needed but it does not belong in the heart of a retirement community shopping district.


    1. The project has not even been put forward yet. The point of the article is that people seem to be taking a knee jerk reaction to something that they don’t have *any* of the facts on yet. The Tribe’s property is not, from what I understand, “in the heart of a retirement community shopping district.” It’s out west of the downtown core. While the general belief is that tweekers, trash, crime, feces and urine is something that you think citizens will have to live with, the other side of this is that people can get services at this location to treat these conditions, and be in a central location where they can walk to the bus to get back to their homes in Jefferson and Clallam counties as well. Often, just finding a ride to their appointments is a problem. And to be clear, we are already living with these people, and we are not seeing the kind of worse case scenario you envision. Neither are you I assume.


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