Australia could become first country to eradicate cervical cancer – Guardian

More on the vaccination world. The Guardian has a story on how Australia is on it’s way to becoming the first country to eradicate cervical cancer, one of the leading outcomes of Human Papillomavirus or HPV.  The article states that 99.9% of cervical cancers are caused by HPV. Other cancers, such as anal cancer, are also caused by HPV. My late wife died of anal cancer likely caused by HPV in 2005. It is not an easy death.

But in Australia, the government started a program to allow all teens under the age of 19 to access two free doses of the vaccine for free. As a result, “the HPV rate among women aged 18-24 dropped from 22.7% to 1.1% between 2005 and 2015”

Having witnessed an HPV created death first hand, I cannot stress enough that parents ought to set aside their fears of vaccinations and get your teen vaccinated! Teens, you don’t need parental approval. Just go to Public Health or see your physician or other provider and get it done. Even if you believe that by practicing safe sex or maintaining only one partner that you can’t get infected, this is not accurate. If your partner has had oral sex with just one person who has HPV, or had oral sex done to them, they could be infected. This long term study proves once and for all that you can give yourself a much greater opportunity to live HPV free. Your life is on the line.


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