Pro -Vaccine Physician still attacked by critics even as measles outbreaks spread – Guardian

While this is world news, given that Port Townsend has played such a larger than life role in the anti-vaccine skeptic crowd, with such validation of the inaccurate claims coming from the local Townsend Newsletter over the years, and the low vaccination rate in the county, I thought I would include this.

In today’s Guardian they include a story about “Trapped in a hoax: survivors of conspiracy theories speak out”, including an update on Dr. Paul Offit, who has been one of the leaders on speaking out against anti-vaccine skeptics. He took on the now discredited British gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield and setup the Vaccine Education Center. Read the whole sordid tale of those that attacked him, at

Closer to home, a measles outbreak in southwest Washington Clark County, another hotbed of anti-vaccine skeptics and the county with the lowest rate of vaccinations in the state,  has now been confirmed to have moved to South Seattle.


A King County resident contracted measles after traveling to Clark County, where an outbreak has spread to at least 23 people, public-health officials said Wednesday.

Portland is also at high risk, due to low vaccination rates.

As the Times article points out, “you can get it just by being in a room where a person with measles has been.”

Many, including this blog, have been warning that we are likely to pay the price for this hoax having been spread around the world. No other vaccine-preventable disease causes as many deaths. (according to the Cochrane database of Systematic Reviews August 2013)

If you want to educate yourself to measles, start here.

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