Taking Surprise Medical Bills to Court – NY Times

With a growing number of people being sent to collections here in Jefferson County by JHC, this article points out a very interesting issue of whether the “contract” between a patient (especially one coming into an E.R.) and the hospital is a legal and binding contract for billing purposes. Can you have a binding agreement if the client/consumer doesn’t know the price they are paying when they sign the consent agreement?


2 thoughts on “Taking Surprise Medical Bills to Court – NY Times

  1. Al, Insurance Commissioner Kreidler had legislation in last year’s session on this.  

    “Commissioner Mike Kreidler believes consumers should not be caught in the middle of billing disputes between insurers and providers. He’s proposing legislation that would protect people from getting a surprise medical bill when they seek medical services from an in-network facility, but are treated by an out-of-network provider.

    If an insurer and provider cannot agree on a negotiated price for the covered services, they would go to binding arbitration. They could not bill the consumer for the amount in dispute.”

    I hope we can keep track of this issue in the coming session and get folks to speak up about it.


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