Washington launches online tool that lets patients compare prices for medical procedures

Interested in knowing a bit about how to much you might pay for a procedure?  Check out the emergency room prices both from Jefferson Healthcare and surrounding areas. Finally we are seeing the curtain being pulled back on our hospital pricing, which many of us have known is overpriced for many standard procedures.  Our elected hospital commissioners, have claimed  that this kind of comparison was not possible to do. The Governor has had it done.


If you or a loved one needed knee replacement surgery, would you want to know which surgeon in your community has the highest rating for quality of care? Would you like to know how much a knee replacement costs, on average, at all of the medical offices close to your home?

Those are the types of information easily accessed through Washington state’s new HealthCareCompare website, an online tool that launched today. The user-friendly website is part of the state’s larger effort to make health care costs more transparent, and gives the public access to health care price and quality information from the Washington All-Payer Claims Database. The database is the result of legislation proposed by the governor.


2 thoughts on “Washington launches online tool that lets patients compare prices for medical procedures

  1. Linda, it’s not so much that it is comprehensive, but that it gives you some idea of what is competitive. I.e. it does list Port Angeles at $32,667 and Swedish, UW (cheap, I can vouch that they do big volume and have students in the mix as does Harborview), Harrison and others. That way a person can go to the financial services group and get a price from Jefferson HC and then decide if they want to save money and go to the UW for example. It’s a start.


  2. I tried this for a knee replacement, as I know Jefferson does them. Went thru three pages of listings and did not find Jefferson. Did anyone find a procedure listed here in PT?


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