Full Universal Healthcare Study Released for I1600 – San Juan Islander

While this new full study shows many benefits to getting I1600 voted into law, I looked at their reporting to the State, detailing their funding. They have yet to break $100k for a campaign that will likely need at least $700k to succeed. To be clear, I have been helping get signatures to get this on the ballot, but have grave doubts that this reach the ballot, let alone get enacted into law. It does seem like a well thought out plan. One of the things that is troubling though is that the State appears to have significantly reduced reimbursements to pediatricians over the a couple of years (now supposedly restored back to where it was). This has caused at least one major pediatrician to have closed his doors in Aberdeen (article referred to here on the News). The State *must* do better than this! Driving doctors out of business seems to be the way that our legislators want to see the future unfold, especially Republicans since they were responsible for the drop in reimbursements and the Democrats restored the cuts. I was also shown an ad yesterday for a Physician Assistant up north of Seattle, and they were being told in the ad that they were going to have to expect to see 32 patients a day! Let’s be clear, that is not a way to get better healthcare!

Whole Washington, a grassroots group dedicated to getting universal healthcare passed in Washington state, has just published the complete funding study performed by Dr. Gerald Friedman (Economist, University of Massachusetts, Amherst). This historic funding study demonstrates Washington State will save billions of dollars annually by passing a universal healthcare system.


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