Basis for six-month intervals for dental visits explored – Consumer Health News

Notice that it says that some patients clearly need more frequent visits.

Grant Ritchey, DDS examined the historic and scientific literature for recommending dental examination and prophylaxis literature every six months and noted that:

  • Insurance companies began to cover dental services in the 1970s and soon learned that covering preventive care lowered their costs.
  • It isn’t clear why they began paying for two cleanings per year, but the coverage interval may have been influenced by an advertising campaign for Pepsodent toothpaste.
  • Scientific evidence is lacking to support recommendations for dental visits every six-months.
  • Some patients clearly need more frequent visits; others can manage with less frequent visits.
  • Biological plausibility and common sense are his rationales for recommending six-month recall visits for most of his patients.

[Ritchey, G. The Six Month Dental Recall—Science or Legend? Science-Based Medicine. Feb 23, 2018]

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