How to sign up for healthcare with the ACA.

You can sign up in Washington state until January 15th, for coverage that would start February 1st. Questions? see other post here for more instructions .

There is also help available from certified navigators on Mondays in Port Townsend (9-5 at the DSHS office at 915 Sheridan). People should call Sandra Padilla at 253-280-9880 or email her at

Everyone (that means you!) can play a roll here to get the word out. There are a lot of myths out there, especially with the Trump administration determined to undermine “Obamacare.” Contrary to popular belief, benefits are in place and will not change for 2018.

One thought on “How to sign up for healthcare with the ACA.

  1. This is a great video. Thanks for posting it on your blog Al, but it might require a little explanation at the beginning. Washington state has extended the deadline to January 15th. Most people don’t know that. Ariana and I just spent 2 hours at the chimacum craft event and handed out more than 50 bulletins announcing next week’s enrollment event and another two dozen get covered stay covered handouts. It was a very friendly audience and we engaged a number of people in conversations about the kinds of problems they were having with either the health finder and or Medicare.


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