Port Townsend City Council Approves Continue funding to CHIP

The PT City Council voted to continue funding support for city involvement with the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The City has previously voted in favor of funding some of CHIP’s goals, but was waiting on the hospital to hire a program manager to run it. That person is now hired, and the council needed to amend the budget to reinstate the funding, as they had let it lapse in the 2018 budget. There was no debate and a unanimous vote to approve.

This is worth noting because in the race for hospital commissioner, the Jefferson County Medical Society had come out (internally) against CHIP goals, using these goals as reasons to not vote for one of the candidates. It should be noted that both candidates supported the goals of CHIP, including low income housing, which has been shown to help promote mental health goals. We can only hope that the new CHIP manager starts with educating our medical professionals that their assumptions were not in alignment with the 100 or so other community members, including Mike Glenn, who created and supported the CHIP goals .

One thought on “Port Townsend City Council Approves Continue funding to CHIP

  1. You go, Al. Port Townsend really has a heart, and this proves it. Good for us. Let’s still try to get all those eligible ACA people/families signed up. There are a number of craft fairs this weekend and next. I”m encouraging our Indivisible folks to get involved with the posters provided by SeaMar.


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