‘Pill Mill’ Docs Only Partly to Blame for Opioid Epidemic – US News & World Report

Finally, a study has come out in the journal Addiction, with some real data to counter the hysteria at the Federal and State level that has been shutting down high volume opioid providers, a class of doctor that was created and supported by the very Federal Government that is now shutting them down with no warning. This crisis, which was created because just twenty years ago because the medical establishment was urged to provide opioids as pain relief, now finds itself resorting to lies and raids on doctors that usually have ended up, after years of court time, having the Feds drop all the charges. Rather than treat these physicians and pharmacies like criminals, they should be working cooperatively to rein them in and offer their patients relief.

The study also found that “opioid shoppers” — people who obtain prescriptions from multiple doctors and pharmacies — accounted for just 0.1 percent of opioid users in the study.

Our local physicians here on the Peninsula have often been complicit in this behavior, shunting high pain patients to the one doctor who was willing to work with them, then talking behind his back about how he was somehow “a renegade” and not coming to his defense  when he was raided. They had nothing to say  when the charges were finally dropped.

All prescribers of opioid pain medications — not just high-volume prescribers — play a role in the U.S. epidemic of opioid abuse and overdoses, a new study says.

“This crisis has been misconstrued as one involving just a small subset of doctors and patients,” senior author Dr. G. Caleb Alexander said in a Hopkins news release. “Our results underscore the need for targeted interventions aimed at all opioid prescribers, not just high-volume prescribers alone,” Alexander added.


full abstract and article available at


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