Yellow Flags: U.S. Hospitals Face a Shortage of This Most Basic Necessity – Bloomberg Businessweek

In our race to the bottom as a global leader, we are now becoming unable to ensure that our supply chain of critical medical supplies is secure and able to produce the volumes needed for our hospitals. I was under the impression that capitalism did not allow this to happen as a need is always filled by ready competitors waiting to step in and compete. It would be interesting to know whether JCH CEO Mike Glen has been aware of this, and what his thoughts are on it. Bloomberg Businessweek, a great newsource, had this recent article.

A long-standing problem, the situation worsened when Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, knocking out power at factories that make the small bags for Baxter International Inc., the product’s biggest supplier. Another large maker of the bags, B. Braun Medical Inc., is having problems of its own—the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is looking into reports of leaky and moldy intravenous bags. And a third, ICU Medical Inc., hasn’t been able to keep up with the increased demand. The industry has also been swept up in a U.S. Department of Justice criminal probe of possible collusion and price-fixing.

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