First results show Bruce McComas in lead.

The first wave of election results are in for what was one of the filthiest campaigns ever run in this county. Bruce McComas, backed by a hospital administration sowing fear and loathing, lies by the medical society to protect their privileged status, dysfunctional behavior by some of the hospital commissioners themselves, fundamental religious lunacy from the ER doc Kent Smith (“there are times God offers a gift. And we reject it at our own peril. I believe Bruce is such a gift.”)  and general scare tactics by a wide swath of people who did their best to stop a highly qualified woman in seeking a position to help the county hospital district, is showing a small lead at this point. This was as ugly as the election to stop Hilary by any means of last year. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the Russians and Bernie Sanders were helping Bruce. Just who is Bruce McComas that he has surrounded himself with people willing to say anything to get him elected? Haven’t we got enough of that kind of behavior in Washington D.C. at the moment?

As of Tuesday night,  Mr McComas holds a lead of 51.66% over 48.34%. There are a number of votes to be counted from all three voting ballot boxes for the day of the election. It is not inconceivable that Cheri could catch Mr. McComas, but it is going to be tough.

One of the astonishing facts is that over 1000 voters did not vote for either candidate.

The next count of votes is on Thursday, check back then.

Whatever the outcome, the belief that this hospital is somehow special is shattered for good. The idea of putting my healthcare in the hands of this group of  people after seeing what they have done to stop this qualified woman is out of the question.   I know there are good people at Jefferson Healthcare. I’ve gotten emails from them off hours. I’ve had them stop me at QFC. They tell me that they were going to vote for Cheri but were afraid for their jobs to go public with that vote.  But the behavior of those people inside this hospital and out, who would spread any lie to stop Cheri was astonishing to witness, and puts a stain on this administration and it’s facility. I applaud her for carrying herself with such dignity in the face of such ugly tactics.  Let’s hope for some change to the results by Thursday.



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