The IT Transformation Health Care Needs – Harvard Business Review

A really good look at what needs to change in Electronic Medical Records (EMRs also known as Electronic Health Records). As I have said in other posts,  we are in the worse possible moment for EMRs. They have automated data collection by imposing huge data entry burdens on healthcare providers. That has been done for the benefit of the incredibly wasteful insurance industry. EMRs are not helping physicians or ERs to do a better job and they are not being used to their potential. Want proof?

Yet such systems have had little impact on quality improvement and cost reduction to date. Indeed, clinicians routinely criticize them, lamenting that they waste their time, are rigid and not user-friendly, and interfere with their patient interactions. Many health care organizations are suffering more pain than gain as they struggle to integrate new IT systems into their operations. For example, in January 2017, MD Anderson Cancer Center announced that it would lay off 900 employees, or about 5% of its workforce, largely because of financial losses attributable to a new EHR system.

Here’s a long, thoughtful article about what needs to change.

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