NYTimes: Shouldn’t Doctors Control Hospital Care?

This is a cautionary tale, especially with the current Jefferson County hospital district commissioner election and the drumbeat to elect a businessman over a medical professional. The good news is that there have been a lot of unanimous votes to support the hospital administration here in Jefferson County by the board of commissioners, even as they argue amongst themselves.

The article points out that business forces are continuing to take over our medical systems. it is the most common complaint that I hear from medical professionals. Some of the issues raised in this story are at play here in Jefferson County, mainly the issues of measuring doctors performances, and the licensing of doctors to practice at the hospital. Oddly, many of the doctors here want more business people to run the hospital and it’s Commissioners, it’s like they can’t even seem to see the forest for the trees. Those same doctors have complained that they dislike the fact they no longer control their practices. They also have no idea of what the hospitals are charging for all the tests that they are continuingly wanting to have people do before they issue a diagnosis, nor the fact that patients have little to no idea of what any of it costs.

Shouldnt Doctors Control Hospital Care?

One thought on “NYTimes: Shouldn’t Doctors Control Hospital Care?

  1. I’m concerned that many people are going to Jefferson for healthcare , even when insurance pays for it , when they could get the same services for much less at public health . Unfortunately public health cannot advertise their services as the women’s clinic can . This will be part of the presentation at our Planned Parenthood Centennial October 21 . If you haven’t seen a poster with this information you will be able to buy tickets at Mahoney’s on Taylor Street after tomorrow .


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