Important Jefferson County Healthcare Commissioners Meeting – Wednesday 10/4 at 9 AM to 4PM

EDITORS NOTE: Though this meeting is a public meeting for a public hospital, it was not advertised in the Port Townsend Leader, nor has been yet in the Peninsula Daily News. It is on the Hospital Commissioners web site. The meeting is about conducting a board assessment that is going to  focus to some degree on the conflict and tension in the board itself. The top question in the information below is, “What do we expect from each other and how will we work together?” This is the unspoken crux of the meeting. Board tension has been high over the last year. There is a rift between what can be construed to be a group supporting a very narrow definition of the role of Hospital District Commissioner and those supporting a more widely defined one. Between a more status quo approach and a more expanded, outwardly facing approach. People actively engaged in the current commissioner campaign might find this a very enlightening meeting to come witness.

September 28, 2017
TO: Jefferson Healthcare Commissioners
FROM: Jill Buhler, Board Chair
SUBJECT: October 4, 2017 Board Retreat
Thank you for your support of and participation in our Jefferson Healthcare District (Jefferson) Board Retreat scheduled for October 4, 2017. The retreat will be held in the Jefferson Healthcare, Victor J.Dirksen Conference Room from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Thank you, too, for participating in the Board Self-Assessment process as your input has helped to formulate the work session agenda and objectives.

To ensure we maximize our time together please carefully review the pre-reading retreat packet. The enclosed materials will help prepare us for our discussions at the retreat and hopefully generate thoughts on how we as a board can improve our effectiveness. I am excited to share these ideas with you and hear your thoughts on how we can make positive changes that will help us better serve the people we represent.
Many thanks, again, for your time, commitment and support of Jefferson’s important mission.

JHC10-4-2017 Retreat reading 09-28-2017 FINAL_Page_01JHC10-4-2017 Retreat reading 09-28-2017 FINAL_Page_02JHC10-4-2017 Retreat reading 09-28-2017 FINAL_Page_03JHC10-4-2017 Retreat reading 09-28-2017 FINAL_Page_04JHC10-4-2017 Retreat reading 09-28-2017 FINAL_Page_05JHC10-4-2017 Retreat reading 09-28-2017 FINAL_Page_06JHC10-4-2017 Retreat reading 09-28-2017 FINAL_Page_07JHC10-4-2017 Retreat reading 09-28-2017 FINAL_Page_08

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