Concern over new ad in Port Townsend Leader

A suspicious advertisement caught my eye this week. I noticed on page C9 of the Port Townsend Leader an ad that read:

DON’T DIE FROM CANCER! (yes, all in Caps). Ask us about our breakthrough results. 

My late wife died here in town in 2005 after a long battle with cancer. I followed her on a journey through the world of fraudulent cancer treatments which included a trip to a Mexican “Stem Cell” clinic, and many other obvious frauds.  We spent tens of thousands of dollars chasing supposed cures for her terminal cancer. I wrote a book on it called The Good Bits, which is about to be published late this year or early next.

My concerns were raised seeing this ad. There are many companies on the Internet selling cures for cancers. The FDA has no good way to regulate these advertisers as many are published outside the US.  There is rarely any peer reviewed documentation in the advertising to read that would give an individual any sense of real science being done on the work.  So I did some investigating. Here’s what I found.

The organization promoting this cure is called the Berkeley Institute International. The ‘medical director’ of the ‘cure’ that they are promoting is  Dr. Kenneth Matsumura, who they claim is the “Medical Director, ALIN Foundation,Berkeley, CA USA”

Dr. Matsumura is a world-renowned scientist. He developed the HeartAlarm® Wristwatch that gives advanced warning against heart attacks, invented the bio-artificial liver, and invented the artificial pancreas which in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, NASA invited onto the Space Shuttle. His bio-artificial liver has been acclaimed for being one of the Top 10 Most Important Inventions of the 21st Century in Medicine and Science, ranking his bio-artificial liver with YouTube® and iPaD®. His bio-artificial liver was honored by TIME magazine as an Invention of the Year in 2001.

In searching on Google there is only one news story about Dr. Matsumura, which is from the New York Times on Oct 9th, 2005. He apparently filed a recall petition against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is no mention of his anti-cancer work, his supposed work with NASA or Johnson and Johnson.  There are no news articles about a HeartAlarm or bio-artificial liver. The one link on Google to the Time story appeared dead. It did not resolve to a web page. Here is the only article I could find.
Also in the advertising it mentions that Dr. Matsumura is part of a non profit organization called the Alin Foundation, which is behind this clinic. Guidestar shows that they have not filed appropriate forms with the IRS. Guidestar says”
“This organization’s exempt status was automatically revoked by the IRS for failure to file a Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-N, or 990-PF for 3 consecutive years. Further investigation and due diligence are warranted.”
“This organization has not appeared on the IRS Business Master File in a number of months. It may have merged with another organization or ceased operations.”
Their NTEE code is listed as

“Religion Related, Spiritual Development N.E.C. (X99)”  Note that they are not setup as a medical non profit! 

They are advertising:

“8-Week SEF Chemotherapy® to Take Place of 6-9 Month “Adjuvant” Chemo-radiotherapy”

Their “Enrollment Criteria” includes:

Our therapy is now accepting patients with stage II-early stage IV non-small cell lung, breast, and pancreatic cancers.  We are accepting other cancers on a case-by-case basis.

• Patient must be 21 years or older
• Patient with histopathologically confirmed metastatic breast, pancreatic, or non-small cell lung cancer in stages II-early stage IV.
• Patients must have a life expectancy of over 12 weeks.
• Patient must have a neoplastic lesion definable by diagnostic means, or be capable of providing objective means of measurement of disease progression.
• Patient must have a peripheral white cell count of at least 2400 cells per cubic millimeter of blood and neutrophil count of at least 2000 cells per cubic millimeter.
• Patient must have a platelet count of at least 100,000 per cubic millimeter of blood.
• Patient must have adequate renal and hepatic function.
• Patient must not have had a prior anticancer therapy within 3 weeks, nor any ongoing toxicity associated with prior anticancer therapy.
• Patient must not have concurrent anti-hormonal or corticosteroids therapy.
• Patient must not have significant pleural effusion.
Previous Results

In April 2010, Dr. Matsumura and his colleagues at the ALIN Foundation announced an historic achievement: all cancer patients treated with the SEF Chemo® in 2006 not only went into remission, but remained cancer-free without the toxic side effects normally associated with chemotherapy.
(my highlighting. There is no peer-reviewed data to support this claim)
The results on patients undergoing SEF Chemo® are nothing short of stunning.
(Again, no data to corroborate this marketing statement).
One oncologist, who regularly refers patients to us, remarked that he knows of no other place in the world where achievements such as ours are being accomplished.

Results are still early, (but they have been doing this since 2006)  but we are getting response on virtually every patient we treat, as compared to the 20-30% response rates of conventional chemotherapy on the types of cancers we are treating.  If we begin treatment while the volume of cancer cells in a patient is still limited (as opposed to advanced late stage IV), we are achieving clinical remissions consistently.  By clinical remission we mean that when we use imaging studies with x-rays, MRIs, or ultrasound we cannot find any trace of cancer.

Dr. Matsumura recently announced an 8-week SEF Chemo® treatment that is an alternative to conventional adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy. After this announcement, many early-stage breast cancer patients, who have refused conventional therapies, approached our clinics.  We recently treated a nurse with stage I breast cancer with SEF Chemo® because she did not like what she read about either the radiotherapy or chemotherapy for her situation.  She underwent 8-cycles of our therapy with no side effects and kept all her hair.

Even with patients who respond quickly, it is our practice that patients undergo a minimum of 8 cycles of therapy to reduce the possibility of reocurrence.

Furthermore, lung cancer patients with today’s conventional chemotherapy eventually succumb within a year.  In an effort to explore the broad spectrum of efficacy of SEF Chemo®, the treatment of more and more types of cancer have been undertaken.   SEF Chemo® has also been proven successful with non-small cell lung, pancreatic, colon, bladder, liver, cervical, and prostate cancers, which comprise substantially most of the cancers that plague human kind today. SEF Chemo® continues to deliver stunning results.

This new therapy appears to be consistently reliable and far superior to today’s conventional treatments.  Only time will tell if our long-term remissions will turn into cures.”
All these marketing claims are offered with no peer reviewed scientific data.  It is impossible to find any background on this cure that is scientifically validated. A Google search for SEF Chemo did not return any results under “news” which is where any article done by a reputable news organization would have published scientific data on it.

It can only be concluded that if you feel it necessary to investigate this clinic’s treatments, you go about it with a good deal of skepticism. They don’t discuss prices that they charge, and that would be the first thing I would be asking them. I will be forwarding this information onto the State Attorney General asking him to look into this company’s advertising claims.

9 thoughts on “Concern over new ad in Port Townsend Leader

  1. Hi AL B.
    Any new developments in this story? Have you heard more evidence to the contrary/in favor of this “safe” chemo?


  2. Al B. I think you are doing your due diligence. But, I am a real patient that went to Stanford Cancer Center only to get recurrence in just a few months. Dr Matsumura cured me after I was denied a radical cysectomy because I was incurable. My tumor died and I urinated huge chunks of tumor between my 2nd and 3rd treatment no weekly cycle around 6th week. I am going on 4 years. Your article may be inadvertently turning people off from SEF Chemo. Please be careful how you word things you might cost someone their life with your good intentions.


    1. B A – Thanks for the comment. I am not going to approve your comment, because it is not verifiable. For all I know, you could be working for the clinic. This is exactly the kind of unverifiable ‘testimonial” that this clinic and other dubious clinics use to advertise their frauds. The kind of testimonial that makes sense is one in which independent medical professionals can verify that you survived due to this supposed treatment. If you really experienced what you say you did, the doctors who denied your radical cysectomy should be able to offer independent confirmation of your recovery.


  3. Medicore in Canada says: We believe this is the single most effective cancer therapy available in North America. Some oncologists who witnessed the results of SEF chemo first-hand called it “remarkable”. Scroll down the home page to find that quote.

    See also the press release as to why Medicore is no longer able to provide SEF. in which it is stated:

    Safety data for 600 cycles of SEF chemo has been collected and is available to the public here: The data shows a remarkably low rate of major side effects, up to an order of magnitude less than traditional chemotherapies.

    Follow the money. They were shut down not because it was not effective, or safe, but because oncologists complained. All of the drugs used are approved by the US FDA, but are being used “off-label.” That certainly does not make them unsafe or ineffective, only a threat to the profits of oncologists, especially in the US which is a profit driven system.

    No one has asked for or paid me for the comments made herein. But I do want accurate information made available to those who suffer from cancer and their loved ones.


    1. Annette, everything that you were showing me his PR by the very company that’s profiting from this.The safety data is not independently verified there is no independent tests from sources that can say for certain that it’s actually safe and effective. Everything you’re showing me is marketing


  4. Hello Al B. Did you hear any news on this practice and clinic? Is that turned out to be a valid institution and working solution, do you know or have any links you can share with latest developments?


  5. Oh, good lord!  I would imagine that you have alerted the Leader as well.  And written a letter to the editor?

    From: To: Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2017 10:16 AM Subject: [New post] Concern over new ad in Port Townsend Leader #yiv6889318848 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv6889318848 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv6889318848 a.yiv6889318848primaryactionlink:link, #yiv6889318848 a.yiv6889318848primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv6889318848 a.yiv6889318848primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv6889318848 a.yiv6889318848primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv6889318848 | Al B. posted: “A suspicious advertisement caught my eye this week. I noticed on page C9 of the Port Townsend Leader an ad that read:DON’T DIE FROM CANCER! (yes, all in Caps). Ask us about our breakthrough results. My late wife died here in town i” | |


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