Newest Senate health bill would cause 32 million to lose coverage – CBO

Questions. No answers. The Republicans want to throw people off healthcare. Why? It is really wanting to  kill people who need healthcare as something preferable to finding a way to keep them alive? Not sure what the real feelings of these people are but their actions are really ugly. Who profits from this? Why is Mitch McConnell and others so hell bent on this suicide strategy? What will this country be like if millions of more people end up on the streets and homeless shelters of our cities? Is this all about lobbying by the big insurers? Or is this just an Anne Rand philosophical story (supported with funds by donors like the Koch brothers) that the poor deserve to die if they can’t pay the cost of insurance? Would we be a better country if millions are kept from healthcare? How is that possible? Are the people supporting these legislators really that callous? Living behind gated communities and out of touch with their neighbors? It’s bizarre and indicative of Marie Antoinette just before the desperate mobs stormed her gilted palace and cut off her head.

Some of the changes in the ORRA would take effect immediately, and the CBO estimates this would cause 17 million Americans to lose coverage immediately, in 2018.

Newest Senate Health Bill…

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