Three Candidates for Jefferson County Hospital Commissioner- PDN

As many of you know, the Hospital Commissioner role is in flux, with some of the commissioners who believe that the role is rather passive, with limited scope, and some with a more activist point of view, wanting to go beyond the basic job descriptions to a more community oriented point of view. With two current commissioners that are considered “activist” and two current ones that would be considered more ‘conservative’ in their approach to the role, along with one that is considered somewhere in the middle of that description, the latest candidate filings will provide a distinct contrast along these lines. Mr. McComus comes from running the Port Townsend Mill, while Mr. Donanberg  and Ms Van Hoover  are have been health care providers, among other roles in Public Health, in their careers.

Which role do you think we need as hospital commissioner in this age of Trump, where the very notion of health care as we have known it is under threat.? If anything close to the current proposals from Washington D.C.  pass, our hospital will be facing consequences that are not pleasant, and so will all of us who rely on it.

Do you favor an activist board, one willing to go beyond it’s basic job description or one that wants to stick to the job description? This election will give you an opportunity to answer that.

Today’s PDN story.

Bruce J. McComas, Bernie Donanberg and Cheri Van Hoover all filed as candidates Monday for the hospital commission position 1.


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