pH Miracle author pleads guilty to practicing medicine without a license

Since Mr. Young was on “Coast to Coast” he likely has some audience here in Jefferson County. I know people tell me they listen to this show frequently.

Robert O. Young expected to do more jail time

Robert O. Young, author of The pH Miracle, has pleaded guilty to two more counts of practicing medicine without a license. In 2014, he was charged with multiple counts of grand theft and conspiring to practice medicine without a license. The San Diego District Attorney’s press release stated that Young accepted patients, including some who were terminally ill, and temporarily housed them at his pH Miracle Center. The charges alleged that Young and associates broke the law when they went beyond advocating dietary changes and administered intravenous treatments to patients, some of whom were terminally ill. In 2016, following a 2-month trial, he was convicted of two counts of practicing medicine without a license. During the trial, Deputy District Attorney Gina Darvas portrayed Young as a charlatan who preyed on the sick and vulnerable—including dying cancer patients—and duped them with bogus science. A few weeks after the trial ended, Darvas announced that Young would be re-tried on the charges for which the jury was unable to reach a verdict. In 2017, faced with this possibility, Young pleaded guilty to two more counts of practicing medicine without a license. The plea agreement calls for a 44-month sentence, some of which has already been served. [Diehl P. Sentencing delayed for pH Miracle author. San Diego Union-Tribune, May 1, 2017] Young, who for many years has represented himself as “Dr. Young,” has a “Ph.D.” from Clayton College of Natural Health, a non-accredited correspondence school that closed in 2010 after Alabama began requiring that all private, degree granting, schools be accredited by a recognized agency or be a candidate for accreditation. [Barrett S. Clayton College of Natural Health: Be wary of the school and its graduates. Quackwatch, Jan 8, 2015] The central premise of Young’s approach—which lacks scientific support—is that health depends primarily on proper balance between an alkaline and acid cellular environment that can be optimized by dietary modification and taking supplements. [Barrett S. A critical look at “Dr.” Robert Young’s theories and credentials. Quackwatch, May 5, 2017]

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