Tony Deleo calls for more candidates for hospital board

In a strange turn of events, it appears that hospital commissioner Tony Deleo is not going quietly into his retirement. After announcing he isn’t going to run again, and a great candidate in Cheri Van Hoover, a midwife and health care educator stepped forward, we assumed that Tony would endorse her. Instead he writes a letter to the editor calling for others to run against her, and word on the street is that someone is planning on filing against her. If Tony was hoping to go out with a pat on the back for his service, I’m afraid this is not going to help. Why he is uncomfortable with Cheri’s candidacy should be explained to those of us who respect his service, but wonder what is his problem.

Tony has overseen a number of decades where we have built huge wings to the hospital while running a deficit in primary care physicians. Jefferson County residents are being told the waiting list is up to 9 months to see a primary care physician. (I have talked to two just in the last month). Who does Tony think is going to do a better job than Cheri in helping to drive a solution for this problem?  This is a real question and not just a criticism.

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