Death by naturopathic curcumin (tumeric) injection confirmed

This story also implicates Bastyr University in Seattle. Follow the Forbes article as the source. Read the following link to get the full story. It is quite damning of the practice of injecting curcumin.

The San Diego Medical Examiner has confirmed that 30-year-old Jade Erick was killed by an intravenous turmeric solution administered by a California naturopath whom she had consulted for treatment of eczema. [Hermes BM. Confirmed: Licensed naturopathic doctor gave lethal ‘turmeric’ injection. Forbes, April 10, 2017] The naturopath, Kim Kelly, had advocated the use of intravenous curcumin for “any type of inflammatory condition, whether it be arthritis, autoimmune conditions, Alzheimer’s or dementia” and claimed that “promising effects have been observed in patients with various pro-inflammatory diseases.” Curcumin is a constituent of turmeric, which is useful as a spice but has not been proven safe and effective for the treatment of any health problem. [Nelson KM. The essential medicinal chemistry of curcumin. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 60:1620-1637, 2017]

…But he must not be aware that curcumin and its metabolic byproducts are related to cardiotoxicity as they inhibit certain potassium channels in cardiac tissue, which can stop the heart

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