Mayo Clinic’s Sad Statement on Healthcare in America – Minnesota Nurses Association

Folks, I’ve talked to a lot of providers in our area in the last few years. This article by the nurses association of Minnesota, is the clearest picture I’ve seen lately. This is exactly where every hospital in this area is at, despite whatever they may publicly state. It’s not to damn them, they do what they need to do to survive. But places like the Mayo Clinic have significant surpluses, JHC doesn’t.  This whole mess is the system that we have in place. Single payer would certainly be a much better alternative. Not perfect, but how much percentage of our federal budget (using our tax dollars) do we want to put into the military/industrial complex instead of helping give health care to all citizens?  Trump’s election has made this not a theoretical question. You have to stand up now. It’s time.
Read it and weep.

By Mathew Keller, RN JD
Regulatory and Policy Nursing Specialist

Mathew Keller, RN JD
Regulatory and Policy Nursing Specialist

A recent statement by the Mayo Clinic’s CEO John Noseworthy, as reported in the Star Tribune, speaks volumes as to the true status of healthcare in America: those with the money get the care they need, those without, get something else. As Noseworthy put it, “if [a] patient has commercial insurance, or they’re Medicaid or Medicare patients and they’re equal…we prioritize the commercial insured patients enough so … we can be financially strong at the end of the year.”


Read the rest of the story at:

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