Planned Parenthood: 88,000 people in Wash. state would lose health care under new proposal – KOMO NEWS

This is about a Christian dominated Republican Congress acting to reduce women’s health care rights and opportunities. It is at it’s core immoral and likely illegal. A number of courts, such as in Texas, have ruled that it is not legal to kill funding to Planned Parenthood over one specific health care need. To be clear, many women cannot have children or can’t afford to. The first reason, due to health concerns, can be from a variety of causes. The second, is an economic one, and I don’t see Republicans flocking to the adoption sites to take these adoptees in. The hypocrasy of a political organization like the Republican Party, claiming “Family Values” and that government should “get out of the way of people” while promoting such overreach into women’s (and men’s) lives, is so ugly, that it is hard not to get angry at them. Then there is the issue of the jobs at these clinics that would be lost. I thought Trump was trying for full employment?

SEATTLE – Inside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Seattle’s Central District Tuesday, Nicole Hurst juggled a full calendar of family planning and primary care patients.
Hurst, who has worked at the clinic for almost a year, said she and colleagues had prepared for the news they learned Monday night – that Congress was talking about cutting Planned Parenthood’s funding.

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