Quantity of Care – A Lost Voice – Seattle Times special investigation

Another troubling story about Providence/Swedish’s neurosurgery unit.

After enduring years of painful headaches and injuries, Talia Goldenberg — a lively, uninhibited artist — was ready for surgery to help stabilize her flexible spine.

….But in the hours after Talia’s surgery, Jeff felt the medical staff was too dismissive about his daughter’s difficulty breathing. He found himself referencing his credentials to make it clear that he was more than just a nervous father.

It alarmed him that nobody was considering what would happen if Talia’s airway suddenly closed. He’d seen it before: In the late 1980s, when he was a young medical resident working an obstetrics rotation in Montreal, one of his co-workers was caring for a pregnant woman about Talia’s age. The woman had a cough that didn’t alarm the staff when she was first admitted. But while she was in labor, the woman went into respiratory arrest and died.


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