High Volume,Big Dollars,Rising Tension – Seattle Times Special Investigation on Providence

A very concerning look at neuroscience at Providence. I can attest to the story, but not from recent visits. If you or a loved one  are considering back or neck surgery at Providence you need to read this article. It is also worth reminding readers that Jefferson Health Care has a special arrangement with Providence, and for surgeries like these, is likely to send you to them. This is a troubling story for those of us relying on JHC and it’s linkage to them.

The Times spent a year examining more than 10,000 pages of records in four states, analyzing federal and state databases containing millions of records, and interviewing more than 100 people, including more than 30 current and former Cherry Hill medical staffers….

Internal records obtained by The Times, and interviews with current and former staffers, reveal an array of concerns communicated directly to the institution’s top administrators. The complaints include explicit warnings about inadequate patient care, inappropriate surgeries, poor documentation, a lack of accountability for postoperative complications and dubious decisions that resulted in patient harm and death.

Seattle Times Special investigation of Providence

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