Who uses Obamacare in WA? People from Trump country -KUOW

So there is a disconnect between the people in this state that voted for Donald Trump, and the fact that they are likely to be the ones to pay the highest cost for his, and their federal Congresspeople, repealing Obamacare. Are they just uninformed? Believing in the promises of the Republicans that they will “fix” Obamacare by undoing it? Or are they just, well, how should I say it? Dumb? I don’t think of most of them that way. But I have heard some Trump voters say things that are so uniformed and against their own self interests, that my first reaction is  “Stupid is as stupid does.”  But it’s really hard to know. I’ve also talked to some Trump  supporters that were so uninformed, that they were stunned by me asking how much they were willing to pay for health insurance when the Republicans roll back Obamacare? They did not even understand that it would cost them more. Not a clue. Their answer was, “I don’t believe they’ll do that to me.” Really. The backlash against the R’s is liable to be swift and furious when that day comes

As Congress looks at changes to the Affordable Care Act, the creators of Washington’s health insurance exchange are advocating for the state’s current system – with maps.

Those maps show where the exchange has had the greatest rate of participation in the state: Trump country.


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