Discredited anti-vaccine advocate addresses chiropractic group -Forbes

Since we have a journal in Port Townsend that has supported the anti-vaccine movement, it’s worth touching on this interesting article. I cannot understand why chiropractors, who work hard to legitimize their practice, are supporting the leading advocate of anti-vaccinations. One of our key goals in Jefferson County according to the Public Health Department is to raise the levels of vaccinations, which have fallen precipitously over the last decade as people like Wakefield have put forward ideas that have been discredited by science.

Forbes has reported that Andrew Wakefield, who lost his medical license for unprofessional conduct related to vaccine research, was a keynote speaker at the International Chiropractors Association’s Annual Conference on Chiropractic and Pediatrics in Maui. [Lee BY. Are chiropractors backing the anti-vaccine movement? Forbes, Dec 10, 2016] Noting that Wakefield was unable to provide scientific evidence to support his anti-vaccination claims, the report’s author asks whether having him as a speaker is the best way for a professional association and a conference to gain scientific legitimacy. The article is also skeptical about chiropractors in general.


3 thoughts on “Discredited anti-vaccine advocate addresses chiropractic group -Forbes

  1. All physicians (and pediatricians) should be promoting Gardasil, now only two shots per series. This vaccination is the only anti-cancer product that is recommended for youngsters before they are sexually active. This vaccine can prevent cervical, genital, anal, and oral cancers, and may help prevent recurrent cancers in adults.


    1. Let me also say that if Gardasil was available in the late 60s early 70s, my late wife would be alive now. She died of HPV, 30 years after contracting it. It was anal cancer that managed to turn into bone cancer. Mothers and fathers, vaccinate your daughters!


      1. I’m so sorry you lost your wife to HPV. I’ve been lucky so many years that my cancer was contained to the genital areas. Three years ago, my recurrence was anal. I refused the chemo/radiation treatment and my surgeon agreed. Therefore, I have three month follow up exams to remove any new pre-cancerous lesions. So far…so good. i’m working with Jefferson Oncology to try to help get the word out. Tell your friends, and family. All three of our families are having the vaccinations for our grands.


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