Privatization of Medicare under Trump a strong likelihood.

The next Republican Congress is likely to move on privatizing Medicare. “Premium Support” is a nice window dressing on simply making the insured pay more. And likely continuing to deduct your costs from your Social Security to make you pay for it. I can foresee a future where your entire Social Security check is offset by the costs for your Medicare. The very people who voted in Mr. Trump and the Republican majority, will suffer the most from their actions.

MedPAC Examines How Medicare Premium Support Might Work

November 3, 2016 — Congress’s advisers on Medicare are studying what steps would be needed if lawmakers eventually were to shift the giant federal health entitlement program to a so-called premium support model designed to restrain spending. House Republicans have called for making such a change.

…House Republicans earlier this year called for a move toward premium support as part of their policy paper on health care. In the House GOP model, people on Medicare would be given a choice of insurer-run plans and traditional Medicare starting in 2024. In the paper, House Republicans note that the idea of premium support “is based on a long history of bipartisan reform plans, including the 1999 Breaux-Thomas Commission and the 2010 Domenici-Rivlin Report.”

Read the rest of the story here….


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