You can kiss a reasonable health care reform goodbye

The election of Donald J. Trump  will end any thought of reasonable health care reform. The very people that we have helped over the last few years, especially those in Sequim and Bremerton who voted for DJT in the largest numbers, will pay the most. I hope there won’t be any whining from you when your benefits are slashed by the ruthless pirates who have just taken over our Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court that you helped elect.  You are about to get exactly what you deserve. A ruthless government run by a megalomaniac.

The first cost you will pay is the already discussed shifting of the costs of Medicare to your Social Security check. The Republicans have been trying to get this done, even more than they already do. They would love to use your high medical costs to offset the Medicare money they would rather spend on Cruise missiles (we already spend over 50% of our available budget on military spending, and Trump has said he wants to increase it).Where do you think that money is going to come from if he says he is going to lower taxes? I’ve posted another post on this just today. I’ll work to clarify how this is happening in more detail as time progresses.

You who thought that Trump would oust the vested interests in this, just look at the transition team, and the armies of lobbyists that the R’s have already started deploying this week  in WA DC to write the new rules in their favor, not yours.

You have blamed Obamacare for your ills in this election, but you are about to lose it, and will be set loose to fend for yourself in a ruthless insurance driven environment. The poor and lower class will be forced to pay the brunt of this attack. Those with wealth, will never even see you sink out of sight.

Good Luck. We all will need it. You who voted for Trump, especially.

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