Opinion: Who is Responsible for Community Health – The PT Leader

Alison Arthur wrote an opinion piece in the Leader this week, outlining some good points about the state of community health in Jefferson County, and some of the failures we have seen in the last year. A good read that clearly lays out issues that need to be addressed.

Who is responsible for the health of our community?

Representatives of Jefferson Healthcare, Jefferson County and a number of other public agencies have spent a significant amount of time in the last three years to consider what they call a Community Health Improvement Plan, better know as CHIP.

It’s been a huge undertaking to look at community health trends, analyze mountains of data and arrive at four priorities where, based on the data, it’s apparent improvements are needed.

The four priorities the group identified to focus on are: access to mental health and chemical dependency care, chronic disease prevention, access to health care in general, including dental care, and immunizations.

Read the whole article at:

Who is responsible for Community Health?


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