Governor Inslee has just announced a new health care initiative

Governor Inslee has just announced a new health care initiative. Looking to get clarity on what it means for health care providers and patients.

“The project is part of Washington state’s effort to focus on prevention and proactive management for conditions like diabetes and mental illness. It funds supported employment and housing services and long term care services and supports for unpaid family caregivers so they are able to keep caring for their loved ones. The result will be less use of high-cost services and better health outcomes. “

It does not change the picture of the wide variety of insurance companies involved, nor does it appear to address concerns about the availability of health care providers. Here in Jefferson County, we have a shortage of primary care providers.

It does not appear to change the pay structure for the physician which is a reason that physicians are choosing to not care for medicaid and medicare patients.

Is it more administration funding without funding actual on the ground services or is this going to actually change things for the patient and the provider?



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